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Muses is the second album by the instrumental rock band Audiolepsia. It was composed during the second half of 2015 and the first half of 2016 while the band continued playing live. It was recorded in La Buhardilla studio by Ángel de las Heras, mixed in The Room BCN Studio by Jordi Navarro (Moonloop, Cuzo) and mastered in Ultramarinos Mastering by Víctor García (Toundra, Exxassens).

Muses takes the sound of Audiolepsia a step forward with regard to its first album, “Principio de Incertidumbre” (Uncertainty Principle). Songs are driven by powerful guitar riffs and precious melodies as well as the musical and emotional intensities, all the hallmarks of the band found in their first album. However, the band adds in Muses new elements to this combination: the presence of acoustic passages, more ambitious string arrangements, a wide variety in terms of structure and the richness of sound, and more pronounced traces of math and progressive rock. All of this contributes to build their very own and personal sound.

The concept of Muses revolves around female characters as a source of inspiration, mainly  from the world of cinema. Characters representing strong ideals and archetypes who have inspired the musicians in the seven songs of the album.

In short, Audiolepsia did not stop growing in these years: Muses sounds confident and powerful, but diverse and delicate too. It is not easy to get these songs out of your head.